Attempted Photographs

The outfits had been purchased. Hair had been done. Clothes had been ironed (not really). Kids were dressed. Off we went to try and get some photos for a Christmas card. First I have to say that I am not to picky. I realize that with four kids I cannot get that perfect shot. Honestly I am not interested in it. Kids rarely sit still. Why bother trying to make them. So, I let them run about while I climb on things, get down low, yell at them to follow me or to turn around (they don’t listen) and then take a million pictures. Note to those that try this don’t wear a dress. You might find out that your perfectly adjusted slip (it was to long I had folded it to shorten it)  gets all messed up and you end up taking it off in the middle of a photo shot in public.  I also make sure to give myself plenty of time.

DSC_0075 We started by walking down the pedestrian mall. I thought one of the alley ways would do nicely. This was the only decent one I managed to get. I love how C & E are looking at each other.

DSC_0100This is what I mean by not expecting to much. The boys aren’t looking. The girls are determined to pull them into their laps. The lightening is all wrong. Let’s try again.


Then I got this one. How amazingly cute. I love how they are both reaching down for the rocks. J is on the left and R is on the right. Of course, they weren’t paying a bit of attention to me. All they were interested in was hurling those wonderful rocks down the hill.



I’m thinking it’s a redo, which is okay with me. I love taking pictures of my kids. I only hope it’ll be warm enough to do it outside.

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