Christmas Secrets

The moral to this story is that you should NEVER EVER tell anyone that is capable of making a face like this


after telling you how much she doesn’t like smores any secrets. Especially not Christmas secrets because then you’ll have a story like this one.

Ryan is heading out the door for work when E comes running towards him screaming.

“Wait Daddy WAIT. You have to buy mommy her Christmas present. TODAY! I’ll get my money. Oh wait I forgot what it was called.”

Runs to me.

E – Mommy Mommy What is that thing you want for Christmas. The Pioneer Woman Cooks?

**Side note if you have never been to The Pioneer Woman‘s website. You are missing out. She is amazing and she gives away super cool stuff.**

Me – Yes.

E – DADDDDDDYYYY don’t go. I know now.

I’m giggling to myself because this has been on the top of all my Christmas lists. If I don’t get it someone will be injured.

I hear the door shut. E walks back into the room.

E – Mommy I know something you are getting for Christmas from Aunt Alison and you are really going to like it. It’s going to be great. Do you want me to tell you want it is? Because I am so sure you are really going to like it.

Me – No Emi. I like surprises.

E – But Mommy you are so going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Me- I know I will. Go play.

So, I’m sorry Alison. Em spilled the beans but I am so going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

For the record she is also capable of making these faces, which makes everything think she is able to keep secrets.



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