Favorite Christmas Gifts

If you are like me every year after Christmas you buy a few ornaments that are on sale. It’s the best time right. Those $25 Hallmark ornaments are half price. Well unfortunately these don’t go on sale but they are still one of my favorite ornaments. Ryan’s parents have bought us a White House Historical Ornament every year since we have been married. Each ornament comes with a historical essay that honors an US president. I love how each ornament carries a bit of history with it. I wish I had taken the pictures while they were still hanging on the tree but alas …

Anyhow, here are a couple of my personal favorites including this years.

This one is from 2001 and it honors Andrew Johnson (1865-1869).

This is the 2008 ornament. It honors the administration of President Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901). “Inspired by the Harrison family’s Victorian Christmas tree, this 24 karat gold finished ornament interprets the first recorded tree to decorate the White House.”

Here is this years ornament.  It honors President Grover Cleveland (1893-1897). On the back of the ornament it says, “There will be a great Christmas tree gorgeous in its beautiful trimmings, “All sorts and conditions of dolls” and toys of every description. 1894 – 1st Christmas tree with electric lights”

If you get a chance browse the website and look at all the past ornaments. They are truly beautiful and at $16.95 a piece they won’t break the bank.

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