Profoundly Simple

If you’re here looking for the 2006 post I’m sorry I haven’t finished it yet. It takes over an hour to get those posts together and I haven’t really been online today. I actually worried a few of my lovely facebook followers because I hadn’t posted anything in 18 hours. 🙂 Love those guys.

Back to the story at hand.

E is a simple little girl. She knows what she likes to do but more importantly she knows WHO she loves. And she loves her friends and when we move she doesn’t intend to leave them behind.

“Momma when we move you don’t need to worry because I am going to take S & her momma and dadda and sister with us. I am also taking J & his momma and dadda.”

“Honey I don’t think that is going to happen.”

E lets forth a Large, Loud SSSSSIIIIGGGHHH. “Momma. S’s mom is a nurse right.”


“and S’s daddy is a teacher and J’s momma is a teacher and J’s dadda works with trees.”


“WEEEEELLLL Momma they have all those things in (censored) and (censored). So they will just move with us. Oh and I might bring some other people as well. I’ll let you know.”

To a six year old it’s just that simple. Things like mortgages and selling a house and moving half way across the country are not really issues. What is really important are friends and family. And if you have to move then they can just move with you no need to leave them behind.

So be prepared S & H’s mom & dad and J’s mom and dad … I’ll let you know where you’ll be moving in about a month.

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