A decade in fastforward – 2007 Twins

I’m on my way to my twelve-week appointment. Ryan had conferences with students all morning so I told him not to worry because it was just going to be paper and blood work and IF I was lucky I would get to hear the heartbeat. It’s our third baby so no big deal right? So off I go by myself.

At the doctors I explained how sick I was. I couldn’t keep anything down. For the first sixteen weeks I lived on on crackers and tea. I also explained how I had to already buy maternity clothes … I don’t typically show until six or seven months. Yes you all may hate me now. The doctor decided to do a little impromptu ultrasound. I was SO excited. I was so planning on rubbing it in Ryan’s face. HA TAKE THAT! I got to see the baby first. Okay so I am a little immature at times. So I get all comfie and she put the jelly on my belly and the machine thing and moves it all around. I can see the screen.

She then says, “Oh yes.”

I look up. “Huh?”

“Now just let me make sure.”


“Yup. Here is baby A and here is baby B. You are having twins.”

I immediately burst into tears. I calmed down and we talked for a bit about what carrying multiples would mean.

I slowly walked out to our car. Our little car that WOULD NOT hold 4 kids. I called Ryan. He didn’t answer. I called my mother-in-law. She didn’t answer. I called my mom who did answer. Now my mother is the freak out queen. She started crying and screaming with joy all at the same time. I kept my cool somewhat. After I got off the phone with her my mother-in-law called back. She was at a job training session. She was so happy. She announced it to all her friends. I burst into tears again. I am pretty sure I freaked her out but she was great at calming me down.

I try to call Ryan again no answer.

Next I called my best friend, Virginia. Our conversation went like this:

Me: “I am having twins.”

Virginia: “Really? You’re joking, whatever.’

Me: “No, really. There are 2.”

Virginia: “Oh. [long pause] Well, shit.”

Me: “After talking to the grandmothers that’s what I needed to hear.”

This is why I love Virginia. She knew exactly how I was feeling and voiced that.

I decided to ditch class for the rest of the day. I just found out I was having twins there was no way I was going to be able to calmly sit through a lecture and not cry my eyes out.

I did go to campus though and I found Ryan.

We stood huddled next to each other under his umbrella. The rain pouring down around us. I give him a small kiss on his cheek and muttered, “Hello.”

He seemed slightly confused and looked at me strangely, “Umm how did the doctors appointment go?”

“It went alright.”

“IS everything okay.” You can hear the slight edge of concern to his voice.

“Yes.” I fumbled around with my bag. Trying to find the ultrasound pictures without getting myself or them wet.

(Please ignore the Infertility Center. This is just what the machine had programmed into it. I did not have fertility treatments nor was I trying to get pregnant. UVA Northridge had a very good infertility center though.)

He holds the pictures in his hands. You can tell he is confused. Finally he says,“You know I can’t tell anything from these.”

So as a good wife I held them for him and pointed, “Well here is Baby A and here is Baby B.”


Yeah I love this man.

Twin Pregnancy in fastforward.








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