Chalk Love

Who knew that my boys would love chalk as much as they do? Two little buckets bought at Target for a $1 a piece provides endless hours of fun. Although I don’t know how the neighbors feel about the chalk.

Rory is holding his hand protectively over his chalk bucket because Jo kept trying to steal some. “MY CHALK JO. MINE”

Chalk love. See the nice chalk hand print on his forehead. That’s were Rory retaliated after the 5th time of Jo trying to steal his chalk.

Jo has amazing strength. I wish I could squat for minutes on end like he does.

We wanted to cover the whole cul-de-sac with polka dots. We didn’t get to far.

Hopefully now that school is over with (I’m graduating on Sunday!) I’ll be posting more regularly. At this point I suppose that posting even once a week would be better then the once every other month.