Happy Birthday E.

Looks like I’ll only be doing one birthday post this year.

Not because I don’t love Cadence. We were in a wonderful place without internet or 3G service. She was happy boating and tubing and swimming and eating.

Not because I don’t love the boys but honestly their birth and the painfulness of the NICU still haunts me. I can’t quite write about it yet. Suffice to say they are happy, healthy, rambunctious two year olds that have given me gray hair and taught me the fun of having a little boys.

E’s birthday falls in the sweet anticipatory lull of August. August is summers last hurray. People scurry away one last time – to beaches, to pools, to some distance city – hoping to grasp just a little more of summers’ sweetness.

The gardens planted in spring are coming into full bloom. Veggies. If you are like me you are beginning to wonder what in the world you are going to do with all these tomatoes.

The sweet lull of August is also filled with excitement and anticipation. School supplies are bought. Closets are cleaned out. The crispness of fall is right around the corner. It is filled with books and pencils and the changing colors of the leaves. As much as we fight it, I think we humans love change.  August is one of the months of changing – when the world is betwixt and between.

It was during this time that my Em was born. This child who is passionate and stubborn and talkative. She surprises us in her fears because she appears fearless. She surprises us in her determination. And sometimes in all her sass and energy she surprises us with her shyness.  Her temperament needed surprise me when I realize that she is my little betwixt and between.

Happy Birthday my little girl.

Remember 7 is the year when you said you would start eating salads and tomatoes …

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