Summer in Rewind

I remember the last few weeks of June well. The excitement for summer. School was lasting way to long. I wanted the kids out. I wanted to go do things. Do all the things. The waiting and the anticipation. Oh and one of my favorite smells — sunscreen, and sweat, and water. Wearing shorts everyday and flip flops and pretty toes (when I remember to paint mine).  Schools out and we can have fun, fun, fun.

But all to soon and not quite fast enough summer comes to an end. And you can practically smell the apple pies and taste the stews and soup and see the trees turn color. And finally finally I’ll be able to buy pumpkin spice lattes again.  Then fall surpasses summer and becomes once again my favorite season.


This happened and was beautiful and lush until it was attacked by vine  borers. Alas next year.

 Somehow this child turned 13. I don’t even know what to do with one of these things. A teenager.

We ate as many of these as we could while we were down south. A peach should be fuzzy and soft and drip sweet syrupy goodness down your chin when you eat it. These things up here are not peaches.

World’s best cider which I can’t get.

So many many boo boos.

So many splash pads. Really they are the best things.  Plus this little miss turned 10.

And frozen yogurt. You can’t ever have to many toppings.

and this picture.

On the flip side maybe I’ll take a few more weeks of summer.


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