Em’s Interview on Living in Germany

Em’s turn. I had to make some comments as we spoke. The fun of living with a pre-teen.

** Decided to do interviews with the kids on their first impressions of Germany. I’ll try to update every month as they experience new things. I did these in no particular order with no questions in mind. I typed out the responses as they answered the questions.

We’ve been living in Germany for about ten days now. What are your first impressions of Germany? 

When we first got here it was very different and if we’re being brutally honest I didn’t like it. Then it got okay. Now it’s fine.

What’s been your favorite part so far? Why?

The botanical gardens. They are so pretty.

What’s been your favorite food so far? 

I liked the potato dumplings that Oma made for us. They are white, squishy dumplings that are shaped like little balls and they have a brown sauce and tastes really good.

Most difficult things about living in Germany?

Not having any friends and always being lonely and always having to hang out with my family. (Oh the horror!) I got really homesick around lunch yesterday and that is why I didn’t want to eat anything. (Well that explains a lot.)

Are you nervous about going to school? Why? 

Yes, because I don’t know if I will make any friends and I’ll be lonely and I’ll have to eat in the bathroom and cry during lunch. Our school seems very serious because Ute seems like a serious name and that’s our headmaster’s name.

Disclaimer: She is giggling as she says this. Also Ute is not her headmaster’s name. 

What are you most excited about getting to do or try?

I’m really excited about going to the pool. I want to try an ice pool. Also going to see some castle and meeting people so I won’t be so lonely and have to hang out with my family!

Side question: What about public nudity at the pools?

BLINDED!!!!! OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO DIE. Never mind I don’t want to go to the pool now.

What do you think about living in a tiny apartment versus our big house? 

It’s fine. I don’t mind being right next door having my own apartment. You guys are really close but not right there. Also I have my own kitchen so I can make stuff explode! (WHAT???!!!)

What’s your favorite German word far?

I don’t like this question. What’s bubble in German?

(BTW bubble is bubble in either language)

Is there anything else you want to tell me about Germany?

I’m bored today cause we’re not doing anything. And I think you should let me and Cadence go into the city with 20 Euros and see what happens.


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