Berlin in a Snap Day 1

We just got home from spending a very quick two days in Berlin. I didn’t realize that Berlin was so big – with a population of 3.3 million people it dwarves Boston. It’s not surprising that, although it ran beautifully, the transit system was a little complicated. We did manage to get around with quite a few bumps and restarts.

When we got into the city — quick hour train ride from Leipzig — we decided to go straight to the Berlin Zoo. While not quite as impressive as the Leipzig Zoo, we had a great time. We just happened to get to a lot of exhibits as feeding time was occurring so that was cool.

This guy who was like, ‘Step bro. I dare you’
2015-08-18 20.17.14


This mom who was obviously dealing with a tantrum.

2015-08-18 19.32.11

J’s favorite animal is pigs and this zoo had several different kinds. He was very excited.
Hipster Pig. His beard is magnificent.
2015-08-18 19.17.49

2015-08-18 19.16.55


My new favorite animal. This derpy camel.

2015-08-18 16.50.57

Baby elephant just having the time of it’s life. It was zooming all over it’s enclosure with it’s stick.

2015-08-18 19.40.15

After spending nearly six hours at the zoo we headed to our hotel. We stayed at one of the OTA Berlin apartments complexes. The apartment itself was beautiful and airy with more than enough room. The price rivaled any of the hostels we looked at. The only problem was that since it’s an apartment the office where you have to pick up the keys is a good 25 minute walk away. The tram line that would usually take us straight to our apartment is being renovated. The kids and PH were not happy at all with that walk. C picked the wrong shoes to bring with her and she had blisters. R had to pee then J had to pee. It was a very, very long walk.  We did make it though!

We ate a delicious, little Italian restaurant called da Piadina. The owners, who were also the cooks, servers, wine pourers, etc, were so sweet and pleasant. They very easily accommodated our family. I highly recommend this little restaurant.

That’s Day 1. Day 2 tomorrow. After back-to-school shopping German style.

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