Part 2: Em’s School Interview



What are some similarities between German schools and American schools?

You go to classes and there are people in them.

What are some differences?

You go outside a lot. You have more classes. You don’t have lunch. (not true)

What classes are you taking?

Geography, Biology, German (literature), Music, Physics, Woodshop, Computers, English (language), Politics, French I, Math, Gym, German (language course in two weeks), Ethics

Favorite class?


What were you most surprised about?

That you get to go outside. We (in America) don’t get to go outside at all.

So far what has been the hardest part of school (other than the language)? 

Not knowing where all my classes are in the morning. Just in the morning. Sometimes classes get switched around and then I go into the wrong room.

Easiest thing

I guess … nothing has been super hard but nothing has been super easy.

Let’s talk about language barriers?

Cause you can’t communicate with most of the kids. It’s only their first year on English and they don’t know it very well yet. If I’m sitting in class I don’t understand the teachers. I can’t communicate very well.

Opinions on Classmates? Made any friends?

Not really. We never get to talk. Sometimes they translate for me.

But you are on the WhatsupApp all the time?

I know. We text all the time but it’s not the same as having real friends.

Overall how was the first week?

It wasn’t awful like I thought it would be. It wasn’t awesome though like I know it would be during the first week in the US.

Oh yeah and all the German boys are in love with me.

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