Little J’s September Interview

Monthly Interviews with the Kids on Living in Germany


We’ve been living in Germany for over a month now. What do you think of living here?

Good because Evie. She is a friend of mine and the others friends out of Germany. And my birthday and we went to Berlin.

What’s been your favorite part so far?

The big slide playground. It has big slides. It’s good because I don’t know. She’s my best friend. We like to play games called Crackalack.

We finally got you a place in a kindergarten. Are you excited? 

Yes! I’m excited about playing outside and play inside. There is a lot of stuff outside and I have special powers.

What’s are some new German words or phrases you’ve learned? 

Ei, mouth, and duolingo. NEIN! Fünf,

What’s been your favorite food? 

Schnitzel. Kindereggs, Lollipop (We have not had lollipops here. It’s actually Banana Eis) 

Most difficult things about living in Germany?

Making Dinner. You guys making dinner. That is a hard thing and cleaning up. Because you have to clean up a lot of stuff that we put on the floor. Like we did when we were playing something. Like when we lock ourselves in the closet and that is a fun game. (WHAT!)

What are you excited about getting to do or try in the next month? Are you going on any trips?

When I grow up I get to do Duolingo. That’s the most exciting thing. Also going to kindergarten.

What do you think about living in a tiny apartment versus our big house?

Good. I think our big house will win. Because I want our big house to win.

Is there anything else you want to tell me about Germany?

Evie came to visit us.

Oma and Opa came. We got schnitzel. We went to the Ikea. We went with Opa’s car.


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