E’s September Interview


We’ve been living in Germany for over a month now. What do you think of living here?

I miss America. Everything I know and the language I know and my friends.  I would have been on red team with Grace. I miss tacos and I miss Chipotle.

And I guess the food is pretty good here. I like food. Foooooodd.

What’s been your favorite part so far? Why?

I like the bakeries. I like Berliners. I liked going to the castle in Meissen. It didn’t really look like a castle from the outside, but on the inside it was like, ‘BAM IN YOUR FACE. I’m a castle’.

Most difficult things about living in Germany?

Obviously the language.

Facetiming my friends. It is more difficult cause they tell me all the stuff I am missing out on.

Also, I can’t facetime Grace and do our homework together like we used too.

What do you think about living in a tiny apartment versus our big house?

It’s good. It’s fun. We don’t have a lot of food in there. I have to walk all the way over here and expand energy that I could have been using to eat food. It’s very difficult.

You’ve been in school for three weeks now. How’s it going? 

<shoulder shrug> It could be better.

Inquiring minds want to know what about this boyfriend???

GRACE (We were facetiming with Grace during this interview.): CASPER?! You mean Casper?!

He has spiky hair. He listens to a lot of rap songs and he plays soccer. He says he’s the best soccer player on his team. We broke up.

What’s are some new German words or phrases you’ve learned? 

My numbers to 10. Ein Bisschen. Kann ich haben ….  (WOW I’m killing this)

Wo ist deine MAMA!? (crazy lady on the train)

I mean I already know a lot because I’m so smart. It’s hard to remember when you put me on the spot.

What’s been your favorite food so far? 

That’s so hard. I can’t pick just one. I like schnitzel, Ditsch pizza, pommes, knödel, and gummis bears.

What are you excited about getting to do or try in the next month? Are you going on any trips?

I am excited to go to a castle with my history class. I’m excited to learn my German.

Is there anything else you want to tell me about Germany?

I like the food. The end.


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