Rome if You Want To … Day 2

We started out the day really, really early. We had a 9 o’clock tour with a private tour for children of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and the Roman Forum. We were running to the tour. Then we were there in the Colosseum and it was amazing.

It was amazing as in – HERE I AM! in one of THE PLACES seeing this thing with my children. How amazing is all of this. How amazing is this world that we live in.  I am walking in the steps of hundreds of generations of people. I really can’t express it.

First hour and a half were spent at the Colosseum. The boys badgered our poor tour guide with all the knowledge they gleaned from watching three hours of History Channel specials about the Colosseum. They were quite insatiable. 


And look at that we got a family portrait …


Next up Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. I could have spent hours here.  We are debating coming here again.







We had lunch at a delicious little pizza shop. The owners were delighted with us and our five children. I guess we are rare even for Rome. I saw them count us as we walked in and the lady smiled the biggest smile. She was so happy to see a big family. She was so patient and kind while we took our 100,000,000 minutes to decide what we wanted. As we sat on the curb eating our pizza the owner came out and chatted with us. It was really wonderful.

After lunch we decided to walk over to the Borghese Gardens. On the way we stumbled first upon the Trevi Fountain and then the Spanish Steps. The Trevi Fountain is being renovated right now so unfortunately we didn’t get to throw our coins in. We couldn’t walk up the Spanish Steps either. I don’t know if this is normal or not though. Both were still impressive.



We finally found our way to the Borghese Gardens. While there we rented one of these things. The kids loved it! I did as well although my way less then rational side was convinced we were going to hurdle into other people as we flew down the hills at roughly 70 mph. The kids LOVED IT.

We walked a tiny, tiny bit around the gardens. We plan on coming back. So much more to see there.


The great thing about traveling with our bunch is that we come equipped with babysitters. The babysitters were pretty pooped after a day of being dragged through Rome so they happily agreed to watch the boys. We bought them McDonalds and Professor Husband and I headed out to dinner.


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