**YAWN** Rome if You Want To … Day 4

Today we visited Castel Sant’Angelo. The castle was built in the 100s as a tomb for Emperor Hadrian and his family. It served as such up until the 400s. After that it began it’s slow transformation into a military fortress. Pope Clement VII was held siege there by Charles V. It’s long, bloody, war-torn history made it a perfect trip for our children. They were thrilled by the rooms full of ancient armor and weaponry. They loved looking out through the arrow slits and cannon holes. It was a good choice for today.




After that we spent some time in the castle’s moat

IMG_1425 IMG_1420 IMG_1416IMG_1429

Then we had huge 5 euro plates of pasta and then gelato. Along the way we stumbled across a few Catholic churches. Every single one a work of art.

No seeing the pope today. We were able to see St Peter’s Square from the castle’s bridge and it was just a sea of people.  J think we should just send him an email letting him know to meet us for lunch. He doesn’t really get just who the Pope is. However, I tweeted the Pope just the same.

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