Thanksgiving – Mission Accomplished

Happy Thanksgiving from across the pond!

Celebrating a holiday like Thanksgiving in a foreign country in a really tiny kitchen can be difficult. However, I was determined and with the help of my wonderful mother-in-law we managed to pull it off.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Germany. So, instead of sitting around the house cooking food, watching the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Westminster Dog Show, and digging through black Friday ads, the kids went to school, I went to work and PH went on a quick trip to Berlin.  My in-laws visited some more sites around Leipzig and picked up the last few things we needed to make our complete our evening feast.

In the late afternoon hours, we managed to successfully roast a big enough turkey in our small oven. We also prepared and cooked mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, stuffing, rolls and a plum cake in our tiny little kitchen.

Just a little reminder of the amount of space we have to prepare meals in. IMG_0082

We welcomed lifelong friends from the other side of the big pond – which is why PH went to Berlin -who brought us gifts of stuffing (ate it), Jiffy cornbread mix (YEAH), and creamy Jif peanut butter (heaven).

We brought in another table and we were all able to sit together. Our set up really spanned the length of the room. We didn’t have any fancy plates or matching anything or even enough glassware (some of us used coffee mugs), but we made it work.


I didn’t quite know what Thanksgiving in Germany would be like.  I didn’t know if we would really attempt to celebrate it.  I’m thankful we did. I’m thankful so many of our friends and family members from the states came to celebrate with us. Mostly I’m so thankful for this wild and crazy year.







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