Everywhere Librarians are awesome.

Today E came home with a great little story. Her German language class had been canceled for the day and so she went and hung out at the library till her next class.

Cultural Difference :: If a teacher is sick or for some other reason misses a class there isn’t typically a substitute, instead the children can go home if they don’t any other classes for the day or they find a place to wait until their next class begins.

E had just pulled a book off a shelf when one of the librarians came over and asked if she needed help. E floundered about for a moment trying to find the correct sentence in her head and finally she just blurted out, “Meine Deutsch ist nicht so gut!”

The librarian smiled at her and said, “Oh the English student!” ¬†She proceeded to spend the next 45 minutes with E working on her German with her. E helped her with her ‘bad’ English. At the end at their time together E said she was sad. She said this librarian had taught her more about the German language then any of her other classes.

Moral of this story – Librarians Everywhere Rock!

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