Giving Warmth: Refugees in Leipzig

Here in Germany we are slowly entering the the cold, bleak months of winter and while many of us are enjoying the joys of the holiday season before the real cold sets in some are fighting to make their way to safety.

Here in Leipzig there are two refugee camps that I know of. One is right next door to my work. If I go a block up to the little cafe I can see their clothing drying outside in the cold winter chill. I can see the bathrooms set up outside. They have to walk from set up to set up. This refugee camp will hold about 450 people. Today the twins brought home a flyer from the school about another camp that will hold approximately 100 people.  Most of the people being housed will be families with children. Families who aren’t prepared for the German winters.

I received a note in the twins’ folder that their school will be taking donations of winter clothing … scarves, mittens, hats, sweaters, pants, jackets etc for the children.  On Saturday, PH and I will be taking our kids shopping for clothing to donate. All donations are going to be turned in Wednesday morning.

If you are interested in donating financially to our donation shopping trip please contact me.


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