The Half-Year Interview Series – JR

Hello JR,

How has your day been? 

Good. I’ve been reading Harry Potter and it has been really interesting.

We’ve been living in Germany for five months now. We’ve officially reached the half way point. What has been the most surprising thing about living abroad? 

Snow. That there hasn’t been snow for all December except for one little one then way after Christmas AND winter break then there was finally snow. It lasted only three days, ONLY three days. We had fun in the snow.

Most easiest and most difficult things about living in Germany?

Trying to make friends. It’s a little hard here.

We just went through our first holiday in Germany. What was your favorite part? Your favorite gift? 

Thanksgiving was pretty much the same. St Nicholas Day was pretty awesome. I got a whole load of chocolate and Harry Potter books. On Christmas it was so good. I got the rest of the Harry Potter books. On New Years I had TWO bowls of PARTY chips.

Weihnachtsmarkt in English means Christmas market. My favorite thing was lassos. It’s a candy and not a rope. I tried a lot of new foods. We went on the big ferris wheel and the double decker merry-go-round.

You’ve been in school for four months now. How’s it going? Favorite subjects? Struggles? Accomplishments? 

My strugglements is trying to get along with the girls. All the boys in my class have bad breath. My favorite is Math. Everyone wants my help in Math. I’m the third smartest person. Rory and Omar are the first.

Anything you want to share with us about the experience of living abroad as a seven year old? 

So one of my favorite things to do when I am at home is reading Harry Potter and playing with our BB-8. Reading Harry Potter is one of my favorite things.

Playgrounds are pretty cool and there are a lot of them. The climbing park is the best. It’s a little far, but not really. It’s giant.

Also the German accent sounds a little weird and is different. And their rock walls are really really hard to climb.

So we’ve purchased our tickets to head back home in June. How does that make you feel? Are you excited about our month in London? 

I’m excited about London.

So five months into it …. and the question is, How has this experience changed you and would you want to do it again? 

Well here is one thing I would tell everyone about it but I cannot tell them everything so they could get surprises. I would tell them there is a chance you will have jet lag. So they’ll have to figure that out. Jet lag is when you go to a new country and there is a huge time difference. You should take a nap whenever you get to the place you are going and it’ll help you feel better.

I maybe would not recommend it or maybe I would. It depends on the family and if they can handle it. I don’t think I would want to do it again because then I’ll have jet lag again.

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