The Half-Year Interview Series – RJ

Hello RJ, 

How are you doing today?


We’ve been living in Germany for five months now. We’ve officially reached the half way point. What has been the most surprising thing about living in Germany? 

At Christmas time there is no snow but then it really surprised me when there was two days of snow in January.

Most easiest and most difficult things about living in Germany?

Most difficult cause we have a small place to stay and that we have to go outside to run around and be crazy. Now we have a lot of toys so if I need something to do I have options.

We just went through our first holiday in Germany. What was your favorite part? Your favorite gift? 

I really enjoyed getting a giant PlayMobile castles. I don’t really have a lot of Playmobil. I love our BB-8.

At the Weihnachtsmarkt I really liked the giant Ferris Wheel and the doubledecker merry-go-round. I also like the HandBrot.

Thanksgiving was almost impossible to find a turkey. But Mom managed to find one just before Thanksgiving. I was glad she managed to do that. Because what is Thanksgiving without a turkey.

You’ve been in school for four months now. How’s it going? Favorite subjects? Struggles? Accomplishments? 

It’s fine for now. It’s getting harder. Sometimes I have to stop and listen to the teacher but mostly in Math I just shoot off by myself. I’m doing really well now that I know the language. I speak almost all in German. If I am not sure then I don’t say anything  although then it can be confusing.

Anything you want to share with us about your experience living abroad as a seven year old? 

So you shouldn’t get a driver license here because it’s very expensive and if you fail you have to pay it all over again. I would rather just take the train.  The kindergartens are really full. It’s hard to get a place.

It’s good living here. I would recommend doing this but it’s harder to learn a language. It’s good to experiement and live in another country and learn about it. Here were we live there aren’t a lot of houses because it’s a city and there are a lot of parks.

So we’ve purchased our tickets to head back home in June. How does that make you feel? Are you excited about our month in London?

I’m excited about the Harry Potter shop. My teacher told me it was really expensive. We are going to save all our birthday money for it. So, Mom do not give me anything but money, please, and I want to ride the London Eye. It’s going to be awesome. I dont think you are going to go on it mom because you are scared of heights. You might miss out on all of the fun.

I’m kind of sad to leave Germany, but I’m gonna be ready to be in a place were everyone speaks English, my language AND I don’t really want to take German Saturday school. You should just teach us mom.

So five months into it …. and the question is, How has this experience changed you and would you want to do it again? 

I would defintiely want to do it again. And it hasn’t changed me. But I’m glad I learned learning the language. I’m so glad that we got to come here. Yeah.

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