The Winter Catch Up

It’s finally the cold, bleak midwinter. Gone is the fervor and the excitement of the holidays. Here in Leipzig we’re still working on returning to normal. It’s been a busy few months for us. I found a temporary holiday position at a company here in Leipzig and remember how hard juggling everything is. It takes a little more effort on everyones part to get all the things done. We managed, with a lot of help from PH’s mom who spent a month with us, to get all the things done.

Little Update on the Giving Warmth blog post. We raised about $600 and were able to buy a lot of great stuff. We hit up H&M on the right day and bought a ton of coats, shirts, sweaters, and pants. The girls had a lot of fun picking out little girl things. We don’t get to venture into that section much anymore.

Here’s a few photos from the Leipzig WeihnachtsMarkt. We ate so much delicious food and drink Glühwine and bought little trinkets. We were very sad when they broke it down.












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