The Half-Year Interview Series – Little J

Hello Little J, 

How are you doing today?

Good. Well my friend Evie is nice. She used to play with me a lot and I also got some Playmobil.

Do you know how long we have been living in Germany? What do you like about living  in Germany? What do you not like about Germany? 

20 years. I like being with Evie but now she is gone. I like when people send us big boxes of mac and cheese. We ate those. Mac and Cheese is my favorite.

I didn’t like when that picture fell off and also I like it when it’s dark but only sometimes. I also didn’t like when Evie went bye. It was very sad. She’ll come back to me in Germany. I know this.

We just had our first Christmas time in Germany. What did you think of it?

I liked it. It was very fun. I love going on the ferris wheel. The big one. We went two times. When it was dark and when it was day.

My favorite Christmas present is my dinosaurs. Can I stick them in my ear? What would happen?

(NO! Do not put them in your ear! We would have to go the doctor.) 

So you’ve been in kindergarten for four months; how’s it going? Do you like school?

I like it a little bit. I like painting. I really like playing with some of my friends. My favorite teachers are Marlises, Romy, and Mary.

What’s are some new German words you’ve learned? 

Kasecookinlookin but that is a French word. It means grill cheese. Someone that speaks French taught me this word. That person can speak English and French.

Do you know we have purchased our plane tickets to go back home? Are you excited about going back to the US? 

Yeah. Remember I did that. I just said, ‘Do it’ and I clicked the ticket.

YES I am excited. But what will be the next thing we do? Probably Christmas again.

Would you want to come live here again? 

Yes, because Rome because I loved that crazy place and the bike.

Anything else you want to say?

It’s a happy memory. Like the song,

I wish you a Merry Christmas. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! And you will be an uberdeine everyday and every every every every day!

No more questions, Mom.


  1. Evie: “Hi Jude! I have a little cat from the museum and a project that I did that is hanging in my room… favorite thing in Germany was going to play with Jude. That was alot of fun. At the small Spielplatz.”

    (Me: “anything else you want to say to Jude?”)

    Evie: “I looooove you.”

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