Morning Check List

Every single morning with the twins is a struggle. Almost every morning I walk into the boys’ room and see a half naked child, laying on the bed face down, trying to pull on his sock with one hand.

Have you ever tried putting on your sock, laying facedown on your bed, with one hand? It’s pretty much impossible.

Then we move onto breakfast, which is pretty much a litany of PH and I saying, “Please put the book down. Please eat your breakfast. You have <insert number> of minutes. Please drink your tea. Please put the Kindle down. You only have <insert number> of minutes. Please eat your breakfast.” Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. We could make a pretty decent song out of this.

This lasts for about thirty to forty minutes, when we declare, ‘FORKS DOWN’ and it’s time to brush teeth and put on shoes and WHY didn’t you put on your socks like we asked almost an hour ago?!

By the time, they are actually ready to go out the door PH and I are sobbing quietly into our respective cups of coffee and tea, ready to strangle each other and the twins.  Cause


And so it goes.

Today I decided to try a checklist. They like checklists. I like a good checklist. It worked when C was little. So I made one and emailed it to the husband to print.

The husband tweaked it a little and this is what we have now.

BoysCheckList (1)


  1. So many ideas here. Make it into a tear off pad for daily use. Make one for girls. Make one for bedtime. The ideas are endless. Love this!

    Is it helping?

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