Sundays and Cafe Maitre

Not much is open in Germany on Sunday. This took a little while for us to get use too. Now seven months into our trip it’s one of my favorite days of the week. We usually sleep late, then go for a walk and end up at some little cafe drinking cappuccinos and eating a slice of kuchen.

Today we discovered Cafe Maitre and I may be coming here every Sunday. Pictured below is our second breakfast. The basket of bread is mine. PH and Em got the petite breakfast with just a croissant and butter and jam. I got the Normandie which is the platter of fruit and cheese and a basket of bread. I shared with Little J. So delicious.


Little J and Em played with my camera while we were there. They got some interesting shots. You can see a little of the cafe in the background.




After brunch we strolled around the neighborhood. Em took this photo of us.




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