Garmisch-Partenkirchen Trip Part 1: Sights


The children had two weeks off from school in February. It was our last chance to do one more big trip. There were many places on the table, but we ended up in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a little town (well two little towns that over the centuries became one) in Bavaria. Nestled in the German Alps, it really is the quintessential, storybook, beautiful German town.

We chose Garmisch for a few reason, but the biggest being skiing! Well not skiing for me although I almost conquered my fear of hurling myself down a mountain on pieces of fiberglass several times during out stay there.  PH also learned to ski here many, many years ago and really wanted to take the kids here for the same reason.

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate for really great photos; a fog hung around the mountains everyday. I took a few when the light was half way decent and when it wasn’t.



IMG_2773 IMG_2741

C (she doesn’t ski either) and I spent our mornings laying around the apartment and walking around the little town.

We found this delightful creature. He’s a Wolpertinger. Wolpertinger are suppose to be mythological animals that inhabit the Bavaria forests. Apparently Germans like to create these strange stuffed creatures and sell them to tourists. Honestly, if this Fuchstinger wasn’t 495 euros I would have bought him and named him Stan. Stan the Man! For a brief second I thought about making a GoFundMe page.  Could you imagine customs clearing this bad boy?! Greeting future boyfriends? Going to random social events?


One the list of random expensive Bavarian things I want. A dirndl. These are the traditional dresses of Bavaria. Think Heidi or Octoberfest. These were beautiful. I wanted one so badly. C tried one on and also fell in love. The thing is this bad boys range from 200 to 500 euros.

So yeah … we’re gonna gaze wistfully from a distance.


C and I also took the almost two hour bus trip to see two famous castles – Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.


The castles were beautiful, but you don’t really get to see a lot of them. We started with a thirty minute guided tour of Hohenschwangau. All the tours are guided and about thirty minutes. Also no photos of the inside. We got to see the queen’s apartments and then the king’s apartments.

Then we took a long walk down from Hohenschwangau through the tourist center valley and then back up the mountain to Neuschwanstein. It was about a 40 minute hike through a winter wonderland.


This castle was impressive from the outside. However again you really didn’t see much once you got in. The guided tour (only option) was about thirty minutes. You only saw the completed rooms because Ludwig died (or was killed) before he was able to complete the castle. The rooms we saw were very impressive. You could see why people thought he was crazy.

His bed took almost five years to complete because of the massive amount of woodworking. I think it took five years because they had to figure out how to keep the whole thing from collapsing on Ludwig and killing him. Our second favorite was the room built to look like a cave from one of Wagner’s operas.

C and I ended our day at a little German restaurant eating delicious, hearty Bavarian food. Perfect after a day of trapping around outside and in cold castles.

Next up what the others did while C and I explored.


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